Criminal Defense

KHIKS is unique among civil litigation firms in its ability to represent individuals accused of crimes.

Due to KHIKS’s deep involvement in the entertainment industry and our understanding of the sensitive public relations issues, we are often asked to represent celebrities and entertainment industry executives accused of wrongdoing. Outside the entertainment community, we regularly represent individuals and companies in white-collar criminal investigations and prosecutions. From DUI’s to theft, from assault to alleged financial schemes, our lawyers work for our clients whose liberty is at stake.

Representative Matters

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  • The representation of actress Lindsay Lohan in three very high profile criminal cases arising out of an alleged altercation with her vehicle, alleged theft of jewelry, and allegedly leaving the scene of a vehicle accident.
  • The representation of actress Nicole Richie effectuated in her second-time DUI case, in which Ms. Richie was accused of driving on the wrong side of the freeway. KHIKS effectuated a jail sentence of 82 minutes for Ms. Richie.
  • The representation of Lost star, Michelle Rodriguez, in her second-time DUI case.
  • The representation of Criminal Minds star, Shemar Moore, for whom DUI charges were dismissed upon the successful negotiation of a simple “speeding” charge.
  • The representation of The Game in a felony case in which the rapper was charged with using a firearm on a school ground.
  • The representation of the minor son of a famous recording artist.  The mother of the girlfriend caught the couple in bed together and accused the son of raping the girlfriend.  KHIKS obtained dismissal of all charges.
  • The representation of actress Lindsay Lohan in an alleged hit and run in front of a popular nightclub.  KHIKS successfully persuaded prosecutors in New York not to file charges against Ms. Lohan.
  • The representation of Symbionese Liberation Army “soccer mom” Sara Jane Olson, including the filing of a writ of habeas corpus on her behalf, arising out of the “miscalculation” of Ms. Olson’s prison time credits which sent her back to prison days after having been released.
  • The representation of a father in a high-profile dispute concerning the child’s mother (a famous actress) and her fiancé (an actor) in which the parties were embroiled in a physical altercation.  The cases which arose from this incident were litigated successfully in civil court, family court and criminal court.
  • The representation of a Malibu businessman whose former employee accused him of making criminal threats during a business dispute.  KHIKS successfully obtained dismissal of the criminal charges.
  • The representation of the minor son of a Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department sergeant.  The minor had been falsely accused of a robbery, and KHIKS obtained dismissal of all charges.
  • The representation of an individual charged with running a $39 million Ponzi scheme operation.  KHIKS obtained a satisfactory plea deal for the client.
  • The representation of an individual charged by the SEC with insider trading relating to the sale of his company’s stock (by both the defendant and a number of his family members) shortly before a merger was publicly announced.  After KHIKS became involved, the SEC dropped all charges.
  • The representation of one of the defendants in an alleged $100 million money laundering case involving Chasidic Rabbis from Brooklyn, bankers and lawyers from Israel, and businessmen in Los Angeles.

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