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Shawn Holley Featured on “Two Bottles Deep” Podcast

Shawn Holley was recently a guest on the podcast “Two Bottles Deep,” in which she shares her experiences as a criminal defense attorney and lawyer.

In the podcast, Shawn recounts experiences from the early days of her career as a public defender, shares stories from her personal life, answers a number of questions relating to the legal field, and provides insight into her work representing some of the nation’s top celebrities, including the Kardashians, Justin Bieber, and Lindsay Lohan. She also recalls her experiences on O.J. Simpson’s defense team, and she shares what it was like meeting with President Trump to advocate for Alice Ray Johnson alongside Kim Kardashian, a meeting that resulted in Johnson’s freedom from a life sentence.

Shawn also shares some of her projects currently in development, noting that she has recently taken on a number of cases involving defamatory and false sexual assault allegations against male celebrities. She also shares information on “Reasonable Doubt,” a television show which features a character inspired by Shawn and her career. Shawn is also an executive producer of the show.

The full episode can be found here.