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KHIKS Scores Another Victory in “Love Is Blind” Participant Dispute

On July 3 2024, the California Court of Appeal sided with KHIKS client Delirium TV, LLC, the producer of the hit Netflix reality show Love is Blind, rejecting the latest attempt by Renee Poche, a participant in Season 5, to evade the arbitration clause in the agreement she signed to participate in the show. Previously, Ms. Poche sought and failed to obtain an emergency stay of the arbitration commenced by Delerium against Poche in November 2023, and sought and failed to obtain a preliminary injunction halting the arbitration. In this latest ruling, the Court of Appeal summarily rejected Poche’s attempt to appeal Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Bruce G. Iwasaki’s order compelling Ms. Poche to arbitrate her own claims against Delirium and Netflix.

Delirium is represented by KHIKS partners Larry Iser and Allen Secretov.  Poche is represented by celebrity lawyers Mark Geragos and Bryan Freedman

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