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Nick Soltman Speaks With TheWrap in an Exclusive on ‘Tomb Raider’ Movie Rights

Nick Soltman was featured in TheWrap’s article “How the ‘Tomb Raider’ Movie Rights Slipped Away From MGM,” which examines how MGM lost the rights to the iconic video game franchise at the same time as the studio was moving under Amazon’s ownership. Allegedly, the production company missed the originally agreed upon May 1st deadline to start principal photography, claiming the delay was due to disagreements surrounding the large production budget and the script.

Nick addresses the shock many Hollywood insiders are feeling over such a high-stake loss. “As a general matter, it is very surprising to see any franchise movie come to market because of a lapse of an option or a lapse in the rights,” he said. “Normally, the option is tied to the commencement of principal photography by a certain date.”

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