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Larry Iser Contributes to Billboard Story on Litigation Battle Between Kesha and Dr. Luke

Larry Iser was quoted in Shirley Halperin and Eriq Gardner’s Billboard article “Inside Kesha & Dr. Luke’s Dueling Lawsuits.” Here is an excerpt from the article and Larry’s quote:

“While his (Dr. Luke’s) claims might seem like a retaliatory strike, it’s possible that the opposite is true. ‘There’s a long tradition in the entertainment business of artists resorting to litigation to get themselves out of contracts and other things they’re unhappy with,’ says attorney Larry Iser of Kinsella Holley Iser Kump Steinsapir LLP, who represents neither side. But Iser questions Luke’s lawsuit too. ‘It’s ultra-aggressive. Dr. Luke’s strategy makes Kesha’s abuse allegations front and center in a defamation case which turns on: ‘What’s true?’”

The full article can be found here on Billboard.