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Jonathan Steinsapir Speaks to Bloomberg Law on Gorilla Glue Trade Dress Claims

Jon Steinsapir was recently quoted in Kyle Jahner’s Bloomberg Law article “Gorilla Glue Faces Packing Trial After 11th Cir. Revival,” which discusses the newly revived claims that Gorilla Glue Co.’s GorillaWeld adhesive infringed the trade dress of J-B Weld Co. In the article, Jon explains that consumers wouldn’t be confused by the two products, because the only similarities were the V-shaped angle of the tubes in the packages and general placement of lettering.

“When you see the color schemes are completely different, the trademark logos are completely different and prominently displayed, that usually is a winner all in itself—even if the color scheme is similar,” Jon said. “I don’t know in what world you could look at these factors and think they would be confused.”

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