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Jefferson Starship Guitarist Sues Former Bandmates Over Band Name

Former lead guitarist of Jefferson Starship Craig Chaquico has filed a lawsuit against his ex-bandmates in order to prevent them from continuing to perform under the band’s name. In the complaint, Chaquico alleges that the bandmates and their new colleagues are performing as “Jefferson Starship” without permission and in violation of an agreement to retire the name over 30 years ago.

“To make matters worse,” writes KHIKS Partner David Swift, who represents Chaquico in the matter, “Defendants have repeatedly and systematically used images of the original Jefferson Starship lineup, which include images of Chaquico, to promote their band and their performances both in concert posters, on their Facebook page and on their website – a blatant attempt to pass off their current band as the original, world-renowned, Jefferson Starship and to trade off of Chaquico’s goodwill.”

For more information on the case, see The Hollywood Reporter.