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Allen Secretov Featured in Scripps News Segment on AI in the Entertainment Industry

Allen Secretov was recently interviewed by Scripps News for a segment entitled “The entertainment industry is pushing to protect itself from AI,” which explores the rise of AI in entertainment and concerns over the lack of governance in this space. Allen tells Scripps, “We are more than ever before being confronted with the reality of having to think about what protections need to be created, either through legislation or by court-made law, to allow people to feel safe in putting their image out there on these platforms, knowing that it’s possible that they could then be grabbed and used by others.”

In response to these concerns, the Screen Actors Guild has been zealously advocating for their members. “This is why SAG is so involved in this, because they can foresee a future where some of their members are at a loss or have not been able to commercially monetize their image and likeness because they gave that away earlier on in their career, and nobody wants that to happen,” Allen explains.

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The entertainment industry is pushing to protect itself from AI- Scripps News