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Streaming Prince’s music—only one choice

KHIKS founding/managing partner Larry Iser was quoted in a Forbes Media & Entertainment article about the one place you can go to stream Prince’s music.  Known for his keen instincts for protecting his intellectual property, the late rock superstar routinely shunned overtures from the popular streaming services seeking to add his songs to their catalogs.

Except for one.

In September 2015, Prince decided that Jay Z’s Tidal service, in business for less than a year, deserved support from influential artists, so he went against his standard policy and let Tidal stream his stuff.  How long the contract with Tidal will last is anyone’s guess.

“Once it comes to an end, either side could have an option to extend it,” said Larry. “Both Tidal and [the estate of] Prince, if they were happy, could extend it.”  Larry thinks the exclusivity of the arrangement is due not so much to the contract itself, but to Prince withdrawing his music from other streaming services.

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