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Shawn Holley and Kate Mangels Win Again for Dodgers Pitcher Trevor Bauer

Shawn Holley and Kate Mangels represented Trevor Bauer in an arbitration with Major League Baseball, which had suspended Mr. Bauer without pay. On December 22, 2022, the neutral arbitrator reinstated Mr. Bauer effective immediately. The neutral arbitrator significantly reduced the unpaid suspension that had been imposed by Major League Baseball.

Mr. Bauer’s representatives released the following statement:

“While we are pleased that Mr. Bauer has been reinstated immediately, we disagree that any discipline should have been imposed. That said, Mr. Bauer looks forward to his return to the field, where his goal remains to help his team win a World Series.”

In August, 2021, Shawn and Kate has successfully obtained the dissolution of a temporary restraining order against Mr. Bauer, defeating a 27-year-old woman‘s request for a permanent restraining order against Mr. Bauer. Judge Dianna Gould-Saltman determined that Mr. Bauer did not pose a threat to the woman, who had accused him of sexual assault; that Mr. Bauer did not exceed the limits set by the woman; and that her injuries were not the result of anything she verbally objected to before or during the encounter.