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Ronn Moss and Peter Beckett of Player Settle Lawsuit

David Swift and Gregory Korn represented musician and Player band member Ronn Moss in his recently settled lawsuit against fellow Player bandmate Peter Beckett. The suit alleged that Beckett unlawfully used the Player trademark to promote his own music when the mark signified the Moss and Beckett together. Moss also alleged that Beckett acted unlawfully when he registered the Player trademark solely in his own name.  As part of the settlement, the Court ordered that that Moss and Beckett together own the trademark rights in the Player name, and that individual use of the mark by either bandmate without consent of the other would “cause confusion as the source or sponsorship of such goods and services.”  In the joint press release announcing their settlement, Moss and Beckett stated that in order to avoid any potential fan confusion they have each agreed to add their own name in front of the Player mark whenever they use the Player mark – i.e. Peter Beckett’s Player or Ronn Moss’ Player. To view the full Stipulated Judgment, click on Download PDF