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Nick Soltman Joins Front Office Sports Today Podcast to Explore Legal Implications of Michael Oher’s Conservatorship

Nick Soltman joined the Front Office Sports Today podcast for its episode, “Why Michael Oher is Rewriting ‘The Blind Side,’” to share insight on the legal and practical implications of the petition filed on behalf of the football star in Tennesse probate court seeking to end his conservatorship from the Tuohy family. Over the course of the episode, Nick and podcast host Owen Poindexter explore the economics of such a relationship’s termination, the impact on the stakeholders involved in “The Blind Side” production and a forward look at what may be on the horizon for the developing dispute. 

To listen to the full episode, please click below. 

Why Michael Oher is Rewriting “The Blind Side” – Front Office Sports Today