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KHIKS defends First Amendment rights of actor Jason Patric to talk about his son

KHIKS founding partner Larry Iser was quoted by The Hollywood Reporter in Eriq Gardner’s article about the custody dispute between actor Jason Patric and his ex-girlfriend Danielle Schreiber over their four-year-old son.

Larry is defending Patric against Schreiber’s effort to prevent him from “us[ing] the child’s name and likeness for commercial purposes without mom’s permission,” in the words of Schreiber’s attorney, Patricia Glaser.  But Larry says that understates what the mother is actually seeking.

“The relief requested by Ms. Schreiber is much broader than Patty Glaser describes.  They are asking the Court to permanently enjoin Mr. Patric from publicly using the child’s name or likeness for any commercial, charitable, or personal purpose.  Our country is founded upon the fundamental rights to speak freely and petition for causes, and the censorship sought by Ms. Schreiber is contrary to those fundamental values.  Ms. Schrieber seeks a prior restraint on Mr. Patric’s free speech, which is presumptively unconstitutional under the First Amendment and the California Constitution.”

Read the Full Article and see what else Larry has to say about the case.