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Michael Kump Named Among Daily Journal’s “Top Intellectual Property Lawyers”

The firm is pleased to announce that Michael Kump has been selected for inclusion in the Los Angeles and San Francisco Daily Journal’s list of the “Top Intellectual Property Lawyers” in California. His profile in the special issue, which can be found below, highlights his representation of the Kardashian family and NBA star Shaquille O’Neill in contested trademark and copyright infringement matters.


Michael J. Kump

Kump has been litigating for over three decades. But his success, he said, stems from his ability to change with the times.

“There’s probably no area of the law that’s been so impacted by the rise of the internet than intellectual property rights,” he said. “I’m in a position where still after all these experiences, every single day I’m learning something new and I’m coming in contact with people who are creative, entrepreneurial and who I would otherwise never have the op­portunity to deal with if I wasn’t their lawyer.”

Kump’s clients include members of the Kardashian family and NBA star Shaquille O’Neill who, in engaging with a far-reach­ing cyber fanbase, are at greater risk than ever to have their brands infringed upon or even used against them. Kump is current­ly representing Kourtney, Kim and Khloe Kardashian in an ongoing trademark action filed against them in federal court in Orlando, Florida in connection with their endorsement of a cosmetics line. Kroma Makeup EU LLC v. Boldface Licensing & Branding Inc. et al., 6:14-cv-1551 (M.D. Fla., filed Sept. 24, 2014).

“Whether you’re a person or a company, your presentation of who you are and what you are and what you stand for is at the very core of what intellectual property rights are all about,” Kump said. “With the rise and the prominence of the internet and social media, people have found all sorts of new ways to communicate with their fans or their custom­ers and as a result they have to be more con­scious about protecting their IP rights.”

It’s a realization that’s caused Kump to slightly pivot his practice to become more consultative. He is still constantly litigating, but as technologies and corresponding regu­lations develop, he tries to be more of a guide to clients than a reactive party.

“The changes that are ahead of us in term of technology and media are almost unlimited and that poses particular challenges to IP lawyers,” Kump said. “Although my bread and butter is litigation, so much of what I do today is counseling my clients before litigation ever arises as to how they can best protect their IP rights.”

– Paula Lehman-Ewin, Los Angeles and San Fransisco Daily Journal