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Larry Iser Speaks to Variety on Burke Ramsey Defamation Case

Variety recently reached out to Larry Iser for his opinion on Burke Ramsey’s $750 million lawsuit against CBS over the documentary “The Case Of: JonBenet Ramsey.” Ramsey, the brother of JonBenet, alleges in his lawsuit that producers of the two-part series named him as JonBenet’s killer and implicated his parents in a coverup of the six-year-old pageant queen’s murder. Defamation suits are notoriously difficult to win but, according to Larry, Ramsey has a solid case if he can prove that the documentary presented false facts to its audience.

“The First Amandement is not absolute,” says Larry. “It doesn’t protect against yelling fire in a crowded theatre, and it doesn’t insinuate a filmmaker or a media defendant that intentionally or recklessly pushes false facts.”

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