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Larry Iser Speaks to BuzzFeed, The Wrap on Kesha Legal Battle

Partner Larry Iser was quoted in Claudia Rosenbaum’s BuzzFeed articles “Kesha Drops Sex Assault Case Against Dr. Luke To Focus On Music Fight,” “Kesha Faces An Uphill Legal Battle With Dr. Luke, Experts Say” and Matt Donnelly’s The Wrap article “Taylor Swift Is on Kesha’s Side, But Contract Law Is Not” about the ongoing lawsuit between the musician Kesha and Sony over her recording contract with music producer Lukasz Gottwald, a.k.a. Dr. Luke. The highly publicized dispute surrounds Kesha’s allegations of sexual assault and abuse by Dr. Luke, and her claim that she should be allowed to escape her obligations with his label, Kemosabe Records, in order to avoid being forced to work with her alleged abuser. According to Larry, the overwhelming support Kesha has received from the public and other artists will likely not be enough to free Kesha from her ironclad contract, the terms of which are commonplace in the music industry.

“If you want to sing with a major record label, and it is certainly the aspiration of so many artists, the record company will get a large share of the proceeds,” Larry told BuzzFeed. “You are putting your talent in, but it is the record company that is putting all their money in.”

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