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Larry Iser Quoted in Several Publications Regarding “Carpenters” Royalties Lawsuit

Larry Iser was recently quoted in several national publications regarding his representation of famed music group The Carpenters. Richard Carpenter, on behalf of himself and his late sister Karen, is suing Universal Music Group (UMG) and A&M Records for more than $2 million in royalties.

At the heart of the dispute is the allegation that the record companies refuse to acknowledge that their relationships with online music distributors, such as iTunes, entitle the “Carpenters” to substantially higher royalties than from record sales since the record companies are licensing the “Carpenters’” master recordings to the online distributors.

“It is unfortunate that the Carpenters were forced to file this lawsuit primarily over an issue that has already been resolved by the courts – but which these record companies still refuse to acknowledge – that digital downloads occur pursuant to license and are not sales of records,” Iser said.
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