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Larry Iser Explains the Legal Barriers Confronting VidAngel

KHIKS Managing Partner Larry Iser recently weighed in on the lawsuit filed by Disney, 20th Century Fox and Warner Bros. Entertainment against VidAngel, a company offering technology to filter out sex, violence, nudity, etc. from motion pictures and television shows that are streamed by VidAngel to its customers.  The studios accuse VidAngel of copyright infringement for not obtaining licenses to stream the content.  VidAngel is relying on the copyright “first sale” doctrine and claims to have purchased thousands of DVDs and Blu-ray discs which it purports to “sell” to its customers and then “buy-back” from its customers after the movie has streamed, all for a net price of $1. VidAngel has sued back, claiming that the studios, as part of “a concerted effort to prohibit” filtering,  are trying to force VidAngel out of business.  In his blog post for Forbes and recent interviews for the Los Angeles Times and BYUradio/ Sirius XM channel 143, Larry filters through the competing legal issues:

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