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Larry Iser and Jonathan Steinsapir Named to Billboard’s 2023 “Top Music Lawyers” List

The firm is pleased to announce that Larry Iser and Jonathan Steinsapir have been selected to Billboard’s distinguished “Top Music Lawyers” list for 2023. Each year, the list profiles a limited number of top music attorneys whose work in licensing, lobbying, and litigating has had a major impact on the industry. Billboard noted the firm’s work for clients such as Jackson Browne, Del Records, Third Side Music, and music-funding service beatBread, which pays advances based on streaming royalties.

“It is next to impossible for non-stars to make a living off streaming revenue,” Larry told Billboard. “While there are lots of avenues for new artists to distribute their music online, only the top artists will make substantial money.”

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Billboard’s 2023 Top Music Lawyers Revealed