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KHIKS Secures Another Major Victory for Legendary Boxer and Republic of the Philippines Presidential Candidate Manny Pacquiao

KHIKS attorneys Dale Kinsella, Aaron Liskin, and Allen Secretov secured another major victory for their client, the legendary boxer and Republic of the Philippines presidential candidate Manny Pacquiao, by defeating a motion for summary adjudication brought by his former boxing manager Paradigm Sports Management. After hearing oral argument from Paradigm’s counsel and Mr. Secretov, Judge Walter Schwarm of the Orange County, California Superior Court fully denied Paradigm’s motion in its entirety on the basis that, among other things, there are triable issues of material fact of whether Paradigm actually performed its obligations under its agreements with Pacquiao.

This marks the second time KHIKS has parried a punch from Paradigm, having previously defeated Paradigm’s motion for a preliminary injunction which sought to enjoin Pacquiao from participating in an August 21, 2021 bout in Las Vegas, Nevada.