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KHIKS Files Suit On Behalf of Timothy Hutton Over “Leverage” Breach of Contract

KHIKS attorneys Dale Kinsella and Nick Soltman have filed a breach of contract lawsuit against Electric Entertainment Inc. on behalf of client Timothy Hutton. Hutton seeks $3.1 million after Electric Entertainment canceled Hutton’s upcoming role in “Leverage: Redemption” and failed to uphold its financial agreement.

The complaint states that Hutton and Electric Entertainment’s negotiations for the show included Hutton’s compensation of $175,000 per episode for the first season and a “pay-or-play” provision guaranteeing him financial compensation “regardless of whether Electric actually utilized his services in the production of the series.”

Hutton had previously received extortion attempts claiming he would be sued for sexual assault if he did not pay the accuser $1.5 million. After the extortion attempts were unsuccessful, the accuser contacted Buzzfeed with the allegations. Buzzfeed considered the story on two separate occasions; each time, the reporters decided to pass based on evidence refuting the claims. After the accuser filed a criminal complaint in 2020, Buzzfeed ultimately decided to proceed with the story and publish an article. Soon after, Hutton was dismissed from the show.

KHIKS will present their claims to a jury trial. To read the complaint, click “Download PDF.” Select information about the case can be found below.

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