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KHIKS Defeats TRO on Hit Film ‘The Blackening’

On June 16, 2023, United States District Court for the Central District of California Judge Dale S. Fischer denied a temporary restraining order request on the film, ‘The Blackening’ over a pending copyright case. Plaintiffs Zahara Ariel LLC and Jaryah Bobo alleged the film violated the copyrights of their screenplay ‘Southern Education’ and card game ‘Black Card Revoked.’

Judge Fischer ruled in favor of defendants MRC II Distribution Company L.P., Hot Sauce LLC, and Oaktree Entertainment LLC, successfully represented by KHIKS attorneys, Michael Kump, Gregory Korn, and Nick Soltman. In his ruling, Judge Fischer noted, “Plaintiffs present little to no detail regarding either the game or the screenplay, and there is no reason to believe that the expression of ideas in either has been copied in the making of the film.” The ruling continues, “Plaintiffs have also not shown any significant likelihood of irreparable harm” and “have not established that any of the relevant factors favor an injunction.”

Lionsgate Entertainment Corp. was also a defendant, represented by Kendall Brill & Kelly. ‘The Blackening’ is anticipated to have a successful premiere in theatres beginning this weekend.

Coverage of the win can be found here on Deadline.