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KHIKS sues 20th Century Fox on behalf of ‘Bones’ producer

Barry Josephson, executive producer of 20th Century Fox Television’s mega-hit Bones, has hired KHIKS to represent him in his lawsuit against Fox, alleging the studio has cheated him out of his share of profits from the show.  But Josephson’s claims don’t end there.  He says he was “fraudulently threatened” by Fox executives into accepting a lower fee to avoid cancellation of the production.

A veteran of both film and television, Josephson has been Bones executive producer since the beginning (11 seasons), and is responsible for the creation of the show, which has become Fox’s longest-running hourlong drama.  The financial discrepancies came to light in an audit initiated by Josephson of the first seven years of the show.

KHIKS attorneys Dale Kinsella, Chad Fitzgerald and Aaron Liskin are handling the case.  For further details, see the article in The Hollywood Reporter.