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Michael Kump and Jeremiah Reynolds Score Big Victory for Kardashians

KHIKS partners Michael Kump and Jeremiah Reynolds, representing the Kardashian sisters (Kim, Khloe and Kourtney), filed an anti-SLAPP motion to have a complaint thrown out because a debit card company was seeking to hold the Kardashians liable for exercising their right of free speech on a matter of public interest.  Fresno County Superior Court Judge Jeffrey Hamilton agreed, and granted the motion filed by Kump and Reynolds and awarded attorneys’ fees to defendants.

For more information, read the article from The Hollywood Reporter reporting on the legal victory.

The Kardashians had signed a contract with a company that specialized in debit card programs to endorse a debit card called the “Kardashian Kard.”  When the card launched in November 2010, it was criticized by consumer advocates and the financial press because of the financial fees built into the card. After the Kardashians terminated the contract, the company filed a lawsuit in Fresno County Superior Court against the Kardashians and their mother, Kris Kardashian Jenner, seeking $75 million for breach of contract.  The contract alleged that defendants publicized the termination of the contract, which caused the company to go out of business.