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KHIKS Lawyers Invalidate Alleged Dodgers Ownership Agreement

December 7, 2010 — Today, Judge Scott Gordon of the Los Angeles Superior Court issued a 100-page decision which invalidated an alleged agreement between KHIKS client Jamie McCourt and her former husband Frank McCourt.

For over a year now, Mr. McCourt has argued that the alleged agreement deprived Mrs. McCourt of her community property interests in the Los Angeles Dodgers, Dodger Stadium and related assets. The Court has now rejected that argument in its entirety. The Court’s decision represents a total victory for the firm’s client in this first phase of trial proceedings.

Judge Gordon’s decision came down roughly two months after the conclusion of trial where KHIKS lawyers Michael Kump, Suann MacIsaac and Jonathan Steinsapir represented Mrs. McCourt, and just over a year after the firm filed divorce proceedings on behalf of Mrs. McCourt.

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