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KHIKS defends SeaWorld against Cal-OSHA citations

KHIKS founding/managing partner Larry Iser is representing SeaWorld Entertainment as trial began today against the California Division of Occupational Safety and Health, better known as Cal-OSHA.  The dispute stems from four citations issued by Cal-OSHA against SeaWorld claiming the water park lacks adequate protections for employees who work with killer whales.

In his opening statement on behalf of SeaWorld, Larry said that park employees will testify about how trainers work with the veterinarians to keep all personnel safe.  And he described the special medical pool with its protections for trainers and vets.  Larry emphasized that close contact between the whales and trainers is not a detriment but actually “essential to their safety.”

For additional details, see Morgan Lee’s article, “SeaWorld fights worker safety citations,” in The San Diego Union-Tribune.