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Kim Kardashian West Files Image Copyright Suit Against Fashion Website

KHIKS recently filed a lawsuit on behalf of Kim Kardashian West, alleging that the online retailer Missguided is tricking consumers into believing she is professionally associated with the company by using her name and image without authorization. The suit alleges violation of Kardashian’s right of publicity and trademark infringement, among other claims. She is seeking at least $10 million in damages and an injunction barring Missguided from using her name, image and likeness.
“Missguided’s U.S. website has included entire pages that are devoted solely to the sales of clothing inspired by Kardashian, and on which Kardashian’s name and likeness are prominently used without her permission to promote the products,” writes Michael Kump. The suit further states that the company has made her, “an unwitting and unwilling spokesperson of their products.”