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KHIKS Prevails for Producers of ‘Love Is Blind’

On January 4, 2024, Larry Iser, Kat Kleindienst, and Allen Secretov, on behalf of KHIKS client Delirium TV, LLC, the producer of the popular Netflix reality show Love is Blind, successfully defended an attempt to enjoin an arbitration proceeding brought by Delirium against Renee Poche, a participant in Season 5 of the hit show. Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge James Chalfant rejected Ms. Poche’s application for an emergency stay of the arbitration proceeding relating to Ms. Poche’s alleged violations of strict nondisclosure clauses by granting interviews during which she disclosed confidential behind-the-scenes information, including her outcome and the outcomes of other participants. Ms. Poche, who is represented by celebrity lawyer Mark Geragos, argued that Delirium’s arbitration would inflict irreparable harm on Poche, but Judge Chalfant disagreed, confirming there is no present reason for arbitration to be halted.

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