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Kate Mangels Talks to The Hollywood Reporter About Jonathan Majors’ GMA Interview

Kate Mangels recently spoke with The Hollywood Reporter about Jonathan Majors’ decision to appear in a Good Morning America (GMA) interview following his recent guilty verdict for misdemeanor assault and harassment and before his upcoming sentencing. The Creed 3 actor had not spoken to the media since his conviction. Majors said he chose to take the GMA interview because he “felt like it was time.”

“From a purely legal standpoint, it would be more wise to wait to give a public statement until after sentencing. But Majors is likely balancing other factors such as public relations and his future career opportunities,” Kate told The Hollywood Reporter.

Following Majors’ guilty verdict, he was dropped from the upcoming Marvel projects he was slated to have a large role in, and he currently has no upcoming projects on his IMDB page. The actor will be sentenced on February 6, 2024, and faces a maximum sentence of 1 year in jail.

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