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Kate Mangels Speaks to The Hollywood Reporter and People Magazine About Jonathan Majors’ Guilty Verdict

Kate Mangels recently spoke with The Hollywood Reporter and People about the jury verdict handed down in actor Jonathan Majors’ trial in December 2023. Majors was found guilty of two charges of misdemeanor assault in the third degree, recklessly causing physical injury, and harassment in the second degree. He is scheduled to be sentenced on February 6, 2024.

“Unlike in most misdemeanor cases, Majors was likely guided by the public and media perception of the charges against him and hoped that a public trial rather than a plea deal would clear his name,” Kate shares with The Hollywood Reporter.

She also notes that while the jury found Majors guilty on multiple charges, the verdict was split, which she believes implies that they “saw the situation as more nuanced than what the prosecutor presented.” She points out that she was not surprised that the jury found evidence of some kind of injury and harassment, as the prosecution presented photographs of Jabbari’s injuries and surveillance footage.

When asked why the jury didn’t find Majors guilty of misdemeanor assault in the third degree and misdemeanor aggravated harassment in the second degree, Kate tells People, “It really seems like that the prosecution wasn’t able to show the jury enough evidence of Major’s mental state to show intent. They were apparently able to show enough evidence that an assault occurred and that there was an injury. But the missing piece was his mental state.”

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