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Kate Mangels Speaks to the Associated Press, Fox, and Reuters on Alec Baldwin ‘Rust’ Developments

Kate Mangels was recently quoted in the Associated Press, Fox, and Reuters regarding the DA’s official charges against Alec Baldwin for the tragic ‘Rust’ shooting.

Speaking on the case for numerous publications since it developed, Kate explained to Reuters that Baldwin’s interviews with the media were held against him by the prosecution during this investigation, commenting that, “Baldwin would have been better served not making public statements about these incidents.”

She continued to share with Fox News Digital that the next step in the case will be a hearing. Kate shared, “We should expect that a preliminary hearing will be held within the next two months. At that hearing, a judge will determine whether a trial should move forward.” In a subsequent piece for Fox, she expanded upon this sentiment, stating Baldwin may have the option to accept a plea deal. She explained “A pro of anyone taking a plea deal is that it can expedite the process and avoids having to go through a trial,”

Kate also noted an interesting factor in the case will be Baldwin’s dual role as an actor and producer of the film. She explained to the Associated Press, “The fact that they separated out Alec Baldwin the actor versus Alec Baldwin the producer shows to me that they’re potentially foreseeing a challenge to his culpability as to either of those roles.” She also shared with Fox, “I still think it will be difficult for them to convince a jury of his culpability, particularly the way they set up his culpability as a producer.”

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