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Kate Mangels Speaks to Reuters About Alec Baldwin’s Upcoming “Rust” Shooting Trial

Kate Mangels recently spoke to Reuters about the issues Alec Baldwin’s defense team may face at the actor’s upcoming trial for the fatal “Rust” shooting, following armorer Hannah Gutierrez-Reed’s sentencing last week. Baldwin’s trial is likely to focus on whether or not he pulled the trigger – something he has repeatedly denied, claiming the gun was modified to make it easier to go off without doing so.

Despite conflicting FBI reports, Kate tells Reuters that Baldwin will jeopardize his credibility if he changes his story on the trigger.

“At this juncture it would be difficult for Baldwin’s defense team to change course,” Kate shares. She anticipates that Baldwin’s defense will continue to blame set workers, such as armorer Gutierrez-Reed, for firearm safety failures, while prosecutors will accuse him of negligence, both as an actor and the film’s most powerful producer.

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Alec Baldwin’s criminal case hinges on a Wild West revolver