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Kate Mangels Speaks to Fox About Baldwin’s Lack of Testimony in the ‘Rust’ Trial

Kate Mangels was recently quoted in Fox News Digital’s article “Alec Baldwin left off ‘Rust’ witness list for armorer’s trial over fatal shooting,” examining why Alec Baldwin will not be testifying against “Rust” armorer Hannah Gutierrez Reed in her upcoming trial. Baldwin’s involuntary manslaughter charges were dropped earlier in the year but in October the special prosecutors on the case announced that a grand jury will soon be determining whether the actor can face new charges. Kate Mangels tells Fox, “Because Baldwin could potentially be re-charged, he would likely assert his Fifth Amendment right to remain silent in response to any questions relevant to Gutierrez Reed’s matter.” She continues to explain, “Therefore, it is extremely unlikely that his testimony would offer any information useful to the state.”

Many are speculating whether the prosecution’s choice to leave Baldwin off their witness list is evidence of the grand jury’s decision to re-charge him, however, Kate notes, “If the state had officially determined Baldwin would not be charged or had come to an agreement with him like they did with the first assistant director, Baldwin would likely be on their list.”

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