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Kate Mangels Discusses Ghislaine Maxwell’s Rights To Pen a Tell-All on Epstein Scandal

Kate Mangels was recently quoted in Newsweek’s article “Ghislaine Maxwell Could Make Millions From Jeffrey Epstein Scandal,” examining whether Ghislaine Maxwell, associate and former girlfriend of infamous sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, has the right to sell a tell-all book.

In January 2024, Maxwell, who is serving a 20-year prison sentence for sex trafficking, revealed she has been penning a memoir to provide clarity on disinformation surrounding her involvement with Epstein. If sold, Maxwell could keep the profits of the book and any associated media (i.e. podcasts, documentaries, and films), a facet many are historically against as it allows convicted criminals to profit off of victims. Kate explains, “There have been legislative attempts to restrict this ability, but they have largely been ruled unconstitutional.” She continues, “In the 1970s, following the Son of Sam killings in New York City, the New York legislature passed a law known as the Son of Sam Law to restrict a convicted criminal’s ability to profit off of selling their story. But this law, and similar laws in other states, has been found to be in violation of free speech rights under the First Amendment.”

Likely, Maxwell will be able to release the book so long as victims of the case are informed. Kate tells Newsweek, “There are some state laws setting forth rules related to notifying victims about potential compensation, but they do not entirely restrict a convicted person from profiting. So Maxwell can legally benefit financially from telling or selling her story.”

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Ghislaine Maxwell Could Make Millions From Jeffrey Epstein Scandal