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Kate Mangels Analyzes the Ongoing Fatal “Rust” Shooting Case With Fox, Reuters, and ABC

Kate Mangels was recently quoted in Fox News’ article, “Alec Baldwin’s defense in ‘Rust’ fatal shooting trial could get major boost from ‘botched’ prosecution: expert,” explaining how armorer Hannah Gutierrez-Reed’s drug use allegations could positively impact Baldwin’s defense.

Because Baldwin is now scheduled to be tried separately after Gutierrez-Reed’s involuntary manslaughter trial concludes, he will essentially receive a preview of the prosecution’s argument against her – which includes allegations of marijuana use and cocaine possession on the day of the shooting. Kate tells Fox that Gutierrez-Reed’s legal team likely tried to exclude any drug use-related evidence out of fear that it might “prejudice the jury.”

Kate explains that, “Even if there isn’t direct evidence that Gutierrez was intoxicated or under the influence of drugs when making any decision that led to the death of Hutchins, a jury could view her generally as a drug user and ignore that lack of evidence.”

“The only way this could impact Baldwin’s trial is if it makes it more likely that the prosecution can get a conviction on Gutierrez,” she continues. “Whether or not Gutierrez is convicted will likely impact Baldwin’s strategy at trial of how much to make of Gutierrez’s role as an armorer in relation to Baldwin’s role as an actor/producer.”

Kate subsequently spoke with ABC and Reuters about other aspects of Gutierrez-Reed’s trial, including challenges in selecting unbiased jurors and the inconsistencies that arise when alleging that two people are responsible for the same event.

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