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Kate Mangels Analyzes First “Rust” Verdict and Looks Ahead to Baldwin’s Trial in Fox and Variety

Kate Mangels recently spoke to Fox News and Variety about armorer Hannah Gutierrez-Reed’s involuntary manslaughter conviction in the fatal “Rust” shooting and what the evidence presented in her trial could mean for Alec Baldwin, who is set to appear on trial for his own involuntary manslaughter charges this summer. Kate explains that although a jury found Gutierrez-Reed guilty, the evidence her team presented could hurt Baldwin as he prepares to take the stand.

“Interestingly, it was Gutierrez-Reed who presented the most evidence as to Baldwin’s culpability,” Kate tells Fox News. “Her attorneys presented Baldwin as failing in his role as part of the ‘Rust’ production team and as an actor.”

“This strategy could be used by the prosecution in Baldwin’s case to increase the chances that a jury finds him culpable in one of those roles,” she continues. “The prosecution’s case against Baldwin will depend largely on whether the crew witnesses who testified against Gutierrez-Reed testify similarly against Baldwin.”

“It can go either way,” Kate shares with Gene Maddeus at Variety. “On the one hand, it shows that a jury is willing to find criminal liability for what arguably is workplace negligence or poor management. On the other hand, it could be that she, as the armorer, is the only one ultimately responsible.”

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