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Jonathan Steinsapir Speaks to London Times on Martin Bashir’s Deceptive 2003 Documentary with Michael Jackson

In a recent interview with the London Times, Jon Steinsapir addressed former BBC journalist Martin Bashir’s unscrupulous treatment of the late Michael Jackson in relation to the highly-publicized ITV documentary “Living with Michael Jackson.” Amid revelations that Bashir forged documents in order to secure a damaging 1995 interview with Princess Diana of Wales, the Estate of Michael Jackson has called attention to similarly manipulative tactics employed by Bashir to secure Jackson’s trust and damage his reputation through the documentary. According to John Branca, co-executor of the Estate, these tactics included Bashir using his connection with the princess to gain access to Jackson, persuading Jackson to refuse his contracted right to approve the final edit of the documentary, and cutting out portions of the interview that were vital to Jackson’s versions of events, including Jackson’s assertion that he would, “rather slit [his] throat than ever hurt a child.”

“Mr. Bashir presented Michael Jackson with . . . some sort of writing from Diana endorsing him,” said Jon. “.. . . if it was authentic, this is sort of the fruit of the poisonous tree because Diana was herself misled [with] forged documents so you know it all stems from the same original sin.”

The full piece in the London Times can be found here (subscription required).