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Jonathan Steinsapir Joins NPR to Discuss Major Music Publishers Filing Suit Against Anthropic AI

Jonathan Steinsapir recently joined NPR radio to discuss the spate of lawsuits being filed against Anthropic AI by major music publishers, including Universal Music. The lawsuit alleges Anthropic AI is stealing copyrighted song lyrics with its AI model, Claude 2. Included in the approximately 500 songs that Anthropic AI is alleged to have misappropriated for its AI chatbot are Katy Perry’s “Roar” and The Rolling Stones’ “You Can’t Always Get What You Want.”

According to the complaint, “There are already a number of music lyrics aggregators and websites that serve this same function, but those sites have properly licensed publishers’ copyrighted works to provide this service.”

Over the past year, copyright holders including authors, musicians, reporters, and others have seen their copyrighted work used by AI models without permission. This has sparked lawsuits, like the one against Anthropic, that will ultimately shape the legal landscape for AI-generated content.

“Whether it’s in the context of song lyrics or books or other copyrighted works, I do think it will eventually make its way to the Supreme Court,” Jonathan told NPR on the overarching issue of copyrighted content being used by AI models.