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Jon Steinsapir Speaks, Writes on Leslie Jones Hack

Jon Steinsapir recently commented on the hack against comedian Leslie Jones in Sandy Cohen’s Associated Press article “Jones website hack reveals stars’ tricky cyber landscape,” which also appeared in Yahoo News, U.S. News & World Report, Chicago Tribune, and others. In the article, Jon explains the disconnect between current laws and new technology, as well as the difficulty of prosecuting those who disseminate stolen photos online.

“The problem is that the material from the hack eventually finds its way into other people’s hands and gets posted on Reddit or whatever,” Jon told AP. “And it’s very hard to go after those people.”

Additionally, Jon wrote a piece on the subject for Forbes entitled “How To Prosecute The Leslie Jones Hackers,” which explores what might happen next, and the legal avenues available to Ms. Jones in the wake of the hack on her personal website.

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