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Howard Weitzman and Jeremiah Reynolds Comment on Hulk Hogan Privacy Lawsuit

Howard Weitzman was recently quoted in Carolina A. Miranda’s Los Angeles Times piece “Hulk Hogan verdict raises crucial privacy issues in the digital age,” which discusses the $140 million suit filed by celebrity wrestler Terry Bollea, a.k.a. Hulk Hogan, against the controversial gossip site Gawker. In addition, Jeremiah Reynolds was also quoted on the case in Tamara Lush’s Associated Press article “Hulk Hogan sex-video verdict could have limited impact.” According Howard and Jeremiah, Gawker violated Hogan’s right to privacy by publishing portions of a sex tape online without his knowledge or permission.

“I believe there is a growing dislike of reckless conduct in this age of digital distribution,” Howard told the LA Times. “When someone’s privacy is clearly violated, the ‘victim’ is entitled to some safeguards. In my opinion, such distributors have a duty to act in a decent and responsible manner rather than rushing to satiate perceived prurient interests.”

To read Howard’s comments in the Los Angeles Times, and Jeremiah’s in the Associated Press, click here and here respectively.