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Gregory Korn Speaks to Artnet News About ‘The Bad Art Friend’ Case

Gregory Korn was recently asked by Artnet News to share insight on a legal dispute that has gone viral after receiving coverage in New York Times Magazine. The case, a fair use and copyright dispute between writers and acquaintances Sonya Larson and Dawn Dorland, arose after Larson published a short story mirroring a real-life incident Dorland had documented on Facebook–donating her kidney to a stranger. In the article, ArtNet News reporter Sarah Cascone highlights a New York court’s recent ruling that an Andy Warhol painting violated copyright law and considers whether that decision will influence the outcome of this case.

“It’s like a law school hypothetical wrapped up with issues of critical race theory and psychology and social media, all mixed into one story,” says Gregory of the dispute between Larson and Dorland. In his opinion, the story written by Larson is “kosher” under the terms of fair use law and how it applies to artists of all types. He continues to explain that, “We’re not even in the universe of copyright infringement—we are lightyears away from it.”

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