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Greg Korn Speaks to The Hollywood Reporter on Celebrity Social Media Imposters

Greg Korn was recently quoted in The Hollywood Reporter’s article, “Why Social Media Impostors Pose a Constant Battle for Stars,” which examined the challenge of flushing out fake accounts that may exploit a celebrity’s star status. With the surplus of social media accounts, the article explains that there is very little a star can do besides attempting to work directly with the platform to identify and remove the imposters, a time-consuming process that is not guaranteed.

Another possible avenue celebrities could take is pursuing legal action, though Greg told The Hollywood Reporter that doing so is not worth it in the long run. He explained, “The damages wouldn’t be high enough and the fees would be extraordinary to try to chase somebody down. There’s just no bang for the buck.”

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Why Social Media Impostors Pose a Constant Battle for Stars – The Hollywood Reporter