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Going to the dogs over pet peeve: Starbucks howls with cease/desist

KHIKS founding/managing partner Larry Iser was quoted by ABC News in a story about Starbucks’ claim that a dog daycare center is infringing the coffee giant’s name and logo.

The owner of “Starbarks” insists her young enterprise’s name is not a play on the Starbucks moniker and simply means the dogs are stars.  Even granting her that, Starbarks’ logo is strikingly similar to the famous Starbucks green circle with white stars.

Larry explains how Starbucks would have to prove either “dilution” or “confusion” to prevail in court, with dilution the more likely winner.

Read the Full Article.  Larry’s comments are on page 1 in the third-to-last and second-to-last paragraphs.