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Does this restraining order violate free speech rights?

KHIKS attorney Aaron Liskin was quoted by the E-Commerce Times in Erika Morphy’s piece “Snapchat Wants to Make Ousted Cofounder Shut Up.”  The cofounder in question is Reggie Brown, who is suing his own former company for kicking him out.

Snapchat’s current executives say the restraining order is necessary to prevent Brown from revealing confidential information about the litigation, but Brown feels like the order suppresses his free speech rights by preventing him from telling the story of his ouster.

Aaron says it’s common for litigants to use protective orders to keep confidential details from the public.  “Snapchat is seeking order from the court preventing Brown and his attorney from making any more disclosures of materials that have been labeled confidential.”

So who’s right?  Even if the restraining order is legitimate, in this case it may tend to damage the image of the company since it’s a cofounder who’s being muzzled.

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