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Daily Journal Recognizes Larry Iser and Michael Kump as 2023 “Top Intellectual Property Lawyers”

The firm is pleased to announce that Larry Iser and Michael Kump were recently named to the Los Angeles Daily Journal’s annual “Top Intellectual Property Lawyers” list. The award honors top performing intellectual property lawyers based on the impact of their work in patent litigation, trademark, and copyright.

Larry’s profile in the Daily Journal’s special issue spotlighted his long-time representation of Mattel, the songwriters who sued Lizzo for credit as co-authors of the hit song “Truth Hurts,” and various artists against political candidates using their music without permission for campaigns.

“It always bothered me that political candidates, who are going to put their hand on the constitution,” Larry explained to the Daily Journal, “… just decide they don’t have to follow the law.”

Michael was recognized for his representation of high-profile clients and the handling of intellectual property cases for Meghan, The Duchess of Sussex; actress and activist Evan Rachel Wood; the Kardashian and Jenner sisters; and MRC, the production company for “House of Cards,” which obtained a $30 million judgment against Academy Award-winning actor Kevin Spacey.

“I take a fairly expansive view of what constitutes intellectual property,” Michael told the Daily Journal. “As media, in general, has grown and expanded so tremendously, so have the legal issues that relate to it.”

To read Larry and Michael’s full profiles, click below (subscription required).

Los Angeles Daily Journal 2023 “Top Intellectual Property Lawyers” – Lawrence Iser

Los Angeles Daily Journal 2023 “Top Intellectual Property Lawyers” – Michael Kump