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Court lifts stay on Neverland Ranch claim by Michael Jackson’s ex-manager

KHIKS founding partner Howard Weitzman was quoted by The Hollywood Reporter in Austin Siegemund-Broka’s article on the 2012 opposing lawsuits filed by the Jackson Estate and Jackson’s former manager Tohme Tohme.

The essence of the dispute is whether Tohme acted in good faith as Jackson’s manager or took advantage of the pop star’s financial woes to line his own pockets in the last few years before Jackson’s death in 2009.  The entire case had been stayed by the court, but Tohme’s lawyers recently argued that the portion of the dispute involving Jackson’s Neverland Ranch residence should not have been included in the stay.  The court agreed, allowing the Neverland dispute to be actively resumed.

Howard, the Estate’s attorney, agreed with the court, saying, “I think the lifting of the stay is appropriate, and we’ll just proceed forward with a narrower task.”

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