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‘Blurred Lines’ creators file preemptive copyright lawsuit

KHIKS founding/managing partner Larry Iser was quoted by the Los Angeles Times in Ryan Faughnder’s article about the highly publicized lawsuit filed by Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams over their hit song “Blurred Lines.”  Concerned about getting sued for copyright infringement by the owners of the songs they say were the inspiration for “Blurred Lines,” they preemptively filed a lawsuit for declaratory relief, seeking a ruling from the court that their song is not infringing.

Thicke and Williams make no secret of the fact that “Blurred Lines” was influenced by Marvin Gaye’s “Got to Give it Up” and Bridgeport Music’s “Sexy Ways.”  Thicke says he was inspired by the funky beat of the Gaye song, and in the studio one day, told Williams that “we should make something like that,” which led to an impromptu songwriting session where “Blurred Lines” was born.

Larry, however, doesn’t think there’s much chance of a successful copyright claim here.  “Genre and feel is not protected by copyright,” he said.  “Unless they can prove substantial similarity in lyric or melody, they’re going to be out of luck.”

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