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Aereo injunction may not doom Dish’s commercial-skipping service

KHIKS Partner Jonathan Steinsapir was quoted in Matthew Blake’s Los Angeles Daily Journal article “Injunction on Aereo may not doom Dish’s commercial-skipping service: Premium service allows subscribers to record and watch network content.”  Blake questioned Steinsapir on the likelihood of Dish’s PrimeTime Anytime surviving after a federal judge last week barred Aereo from transmitting broadcast TV programs to its subscribers.

Steinsapir said that Dish might escape Aereo’s fate in pending federal court litigation because the businesses may, in fact, offer substantially different services.

He noted that the dispute between Fox and Dish may be more about contracts, not copyrights.

“Aereo is not paying the networks to retransmit broadcast signals, while Dish is paying,” Steinsapir said.

“I think Aereo is done,” Steinsapir said.