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A $62,000 misunderstanding?

KHIKS attorney Aaron Liskin was quoted in USA Today in sports reporter Jeffrey Martin’s story about a Florida doctor who purchased the green jacket won by golfer Art Wall in the 1959 Masters golf tournament for $62,000 at auction in 2012.

When the doctor decided to resell the jacket, Augusta National Golf Club, sponsor/host of the annual tournament, suddenly took notice, announced that the jacket had been stolen, and took steps to block the resale.  Aaron doesn’t think Augusta will have much trouble convincing a judge the jacket was stolen since the club says it maintains possession of all green jackets, except for a one-year period immediately following each Masters event during which the winner is allowed to keep that year’s jacket.

“They’re [Augusta] not claiming Pyles [the doctor] did something illegal in purchasing the jacket.  Their basic claim is the earlier auction house never had the right to sell it because it was stolen…  If it was stolen, I think (Pyles) is out of luck.  The idea that (Augusta National) didn’t make a stink at the time of the first sale — (Pyles’ lawyer) would have to show Augusta National was aware of the sale and said nothing.”

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